Capturing the essence of sport

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"Passionate about creating the highest quality sporting voice overs whenever you need them."

Here at Sports Voiceovers Tony Wrighton’s aim is to make it as accessible as possible for you to have the highest quality sporting voiceovers whenever you need them. 

  • Tony is one of the most recognisable voices in worldwide sports television, a presenter that understands the art of sporting voiceovers with decades of experience.

  • He has a fully equipped studio, and can send you complete timecoded programmes, individual reads, adverts, promos, voice idents in any format. He is always happy to send you a tailored demo so you can check for studio sound quality.

  • He has a love for beautifully crafted high quality sporting voiceovers, and a passion for producing outstanding work.

Of course, as well as delivering the finished product, Tony can also visit you in person and work with you on your project. Why not have a listen to some of his voiceover work...

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